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My Story

My professional life includes solo classical piano performance, collaborative performance, directing choral, small ensembles, and a wide range of sacred music offerings, teaching students of piano and music theory, and writing for publication on the topics of music, art, aesthetics, education, and interdisciplinary studies.


My education is likewise diverse: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the American University; a Master of Music in Piano Performance from George Mason University; and currently study as a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University in a self-designed hybrid degree in aesthetic communication.

Having maintained a piano studio since the age of 14, life took an unexpected turn when I agreed to serve as interim music director at my church in Alexandria. I most unexpectedly found my passion in this work; and perhaps more predictably, a place of service.

My interest in performing arts, philosophy, and faith has generated a lifelong passion for creative, beautiful, and meaningful work. No project or context is too small or insignificant to be valued and loved artfully. The intangible communication of aesthetics reaches beyond words to the heart; as an artist, my desire is to create art in such a way that encourages, touches, heals, and uplifts.   

Learn more about my specific experience in the following roles                   pianist, director, pedagogue, and writer.

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