Rebecca Gehlhoff

Music Director at St. Stephens and St. Agnes School
Alexandria, Virginia

Ann Lee is a superb choral accompanist. She follows the conductor consistently and listens carefully to the singers to achieve proper balance. Ann is easy to work with and professional. I always recommend Ann to colleagues looking for an excellent pianist and accompanist.

Joshua Kauffman

The United States Army Band, "Pershing's Own" Yamaha Performing Artist and Trumpet Player
Washington, D.C.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Ann for over 3 years now in the Washington, D.C., area. I am always amazed not only for her incredible musicianship and talents, but by her organizational skills, preparation, and rehearsal techniques hat go into every performance. Out of the hundreds of jobs I play each year, she is by far one of the best organizers, musicians, and leaders that I am honored to collaborate with. On top of that, she is a beautiful human being and truly displays her wonderful spirit in the music she performs.

Dr. Liana Valente

Washington, D.C.

Ann is a thoughtful and talented collaborative artist. Our chance meeting at a conference led to an exciting partnership that culminated in a lecture recital showcasing art songs by five outstanding African-American composers. She brought a level of preparedness and insight to our rehearsals that resulted in a sublime performance.

Jackie Lutz

Pianist, Arranger, and Educator
Tazewell, Virginia

I have been privileged to work with Ann as both a former piano student and teacher. As a young pianist and budding musician, I found myself discouraged, aimless, and lacking in thorough training until I enrolled as a student under Ann's instruction. What a gem she is! She was able to recognize and bring out my potential as a pianist while expanding my understanding of technique, music theory, and history. Under her love and guidance, I grew in my skill, discipline, and repertoire beyond what I had ever dreamed myself capable. To this day, she has been the single most influential instructor I have ever had! Her love and mentorship made such an impression upon me that it carried me with great joy into the musical field later on in my life. To this day, her guidance has fueled my passion to encourage and equip elementary students to learn and play music, which is my current occupation. I will forever be thankful for Ann's wonderful love and instruction!! Thank you!!!

Kathryn McCarthy

Chorister, Christ the King Anglican

Ann Lee is a musical force of nature.  She possesses extraordinary gifts and talents in choir and instrumental conducting, piano and organ playing, composition and singing.  Due to her skillful conducting, Ann has taken our church choir to a higher level that I did not realize was possible.  She is a bright, energetic, kind and positive person who always challenges and uplifts us.  Singing in our choir is a joy, and I feel fortunate and privileged to work with Ann.

Tim Carroll

Pastor at the Chinese Christian Church of Virginia
Falls Church, Virginia

Mrs. Ann Lee conducted a wonderful workshop for our musicians. The lessons were immediately applicable, encouraging and which just enough challenge to push us to be better. We are thankful for her work and would certainly employ her again in the future.

Jonathan Lash

A Former Choir Member and Longtime Church Musician

I find Ann Lee to be highly competent and pleasant choir director and conductor who leads us through well-planned rehearsals. She is very engaged in the process and guides us through pieces skillfully, anticipating areas that may cause difficulty for choir sections or the ensemble as a whole. She plays beautifully on both piano and organ. Her conducting is clear and easy to follow. Her selection of music for the group is appropriate for worship and suitably challenging for the choir. The choir worked well and happily with her. I was impressed that she prayed with us before and after rehearsal, which means a lot to me.

Susan Ashton-Lazaroae

Washington, D.C.

Gray-haired and relearning piano, quite a combination! As a college student I could perform Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Debussy with aplomb; 25 years into a medical career and child-rearing I was hopelessly adrift, unable to pluck out any piano piece. With her characteristic charm and enthusiasm, Ann entered a time travel adventure, guiding me back to attainable pieces, music theory, and ear training. I look forward to my lessons and love to play the piano again.

Barb Nelson

Chorister, Christ the King Anglican

As a member of the CtK choir, I have long enjoyed and benefited from Ann Lee's creative senses and talent in leading our choir and congregation in worship; be it directing the choir, playing the piano, getting professional musicians or, my favorite, mastering the pipe organ. Since our church had not been allowed to be in our building for almost a year (2019-2020), first for the fire code reasons and then from Covid, I am delighted that we have now returned to worship God in the sanctuary at CtK. Upon our return to the church, my heart skipped a beat when I heard Ann bellowing out a great hymn on the organ. I smiled broadly under my mask and felt an immediate calm, reassurance and excitement that we had truly retired to the church home we love. Yes, I teared up (and still do) when I heard her playing the first hymn of the service. The stability, the heightened glorification to God, and spiritual nourishment came pouring in through my veins with delight. I said, "we are back home." Rejoice, rejoice...the desert shall rejoice and blossom. Ann's playing of the organ brought the first steps of welcome back and hope to me and others in our congregation. Ann's work with our pastor to weave a pattern of prayerful and tranquil worship fills my heart with joy at every Sunday service. Blessings upon blessings and Glory be to God for our faithful, dedicated, and very talented friend, Ann Lee.

Michele Currenti

New York City, New York

If you are looking for a dedicated, compassionate, driven director or accompanist, then you can find none better than Ann Lee. Her passion and precision, kindness, and musical ear are simply unparalleled. I have felt incredibly honored and lucky to have sung in her choir as both a chorister and soloist for the past 2 and a half years, and she has not only improved my musicianship, but also allowed our choir to flourish, all while making me feel more confident and competent as a musician and performer. I highly recommend her in all aspects!

Amy Green

London, UK
Over 100 Years of Women and the Saxophone @Saxophone_Women

Ann was an intuitive and highly skilled accompanist, performing a wide range of repertoire with musicality and poise. We were so grateful for the enthusiasm, versatility, and dedication she brought to our project and we very much hope to have the opportunity to perform with her again in the future.

Nancy Scimone

Washington, D.C.

Ann Lee is gifted with grace, exquisite intelligence, and certainly music talent. From years of knowing her as a colleague, I perceive that her greatest talent is how she applies these gifts for the benefit and service of others.

Jennifer Szabo

Arlington, Virginia

Ann Lee is a consummate professional in all aspects. She is an excellent listener both behind the piano and away from it. Her kind spirit and desire to go above and beyond in both her playing and her relationships are the hallmarks of an individual who is a pleasure to work with.

Angela Miller

Vocalist at Christ the King Church
Alexandria, Virginia

Ann is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is endlessly talented, but relentlessly patient, as well as, an excellent teacher and communicator. I enjoy working with her!

Charlotte Harding

Composer and Saxophone
Yorkshire, UK

Over 100 Years of Women and the Saxophone @Saxophone_Women

We had the huge pleasure of working with Ann on our project. "Over 100 Years of Women and the Saxophone," which we presented at the International Saxophone Symposium, Fairfax, Virginia, 2020, and Pennsylvania State University.

Steven Gerber

Retired Professor at George Mason University and Journal Editor

Ann is a thinker AND a doer, a true scholar-performer.

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